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Posted by slippy, 17 Feb 2021

> Incoming

Looking forward to welcoming my daughter to the world shortly. Here are a couple of videos we made - the first a baby announcement from October 2020, and secondly our 'gender reveal' (which happily didn't cause any disruption to families in California.)

Posted by slippy, 24 Sep 2020

> I have a thing for countdowns...

I really like counting down to things. I had a website set up to countdown to our move to the UK, our valentines dinner in "The Great Hall", the cancelled GnR concert this year - and now, the PS5.

Breathe with me!

It other news, I'm currently bumbling my way through the PyGame library for Python. Check out my GitHub for my bumblings. I'm pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it is to use, I may even make a modern version of my masterpiece game 'Super Spud', originally released for the Amstrad CPC. When I say 'masterpiece', well....

Posted by slippy, 19 Aug 2020

> This makes me happy.

It's the simple things, eh?


Posted by slippy, 7 Aug 2020

> Resurrected

I pulled an old slipnet design, circa 2001-05 from the way back machine and modernised it a bit.. why not, eh? Here it is, if you're so inclined.

mr robot

Posted by slippy, 19 Jul 2019

> Not much here

I'm hoping one day to turn this into a blog-type-thing about life, my endeavors with work, and fascination with Taco Bell. But right now, it resembles a 90's 'home page'. Sorry.

In the meantime, here are some links to things I do:

Here's some other stuff I like:

Through the Swamp of Despair, the Wood of Humiliation and the Chasm of Hopelessness!